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Practice Quiz | (P2) Commercial Plumbing Inspector

This practice quiz is designed for those who are looking to take the 2018 or 2021 (P2) Commercial Plumbing Inspector Certification Exam administered through the International Code Council (ICC). Feel free to use this quiz as a way to assess where you’re currently at. This free quiz contains 10 questions from our premium P2 Commercial Plumbing Inspector Practice Exam.

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(P2) Commercial Plumbing Inspector Practice Quiz

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A 54,000 Btu/h Water Heater installed in a building provided with outdoor combustion air through one-permanent opening shall have the opening be a minimum ____ square inches in area.

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The minimum trap size for a service sink shall be ____ inches.

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The path of travel to public and employee toilet facilities serving an office building shall not exceed a distance of ____ feet.

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Subsoil drains shall not be less than ____ inches in diameter.

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When testing the building sewer for watertight conditions, the test pressure shall not decrease during a time period of no less than ___ minutes.

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The sump pit required for a sump pump shall not be less than ___ inches in diameter and not less than ___ inches in depth.

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The seat height of an accessible water closet serving the public shall be located no less than ___ inches and no more than ___ inches above the floor, measured to the top of the seat.

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The front of a water closet shall have a clearance of not less than ___ inches to any wall, fixture or door.

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Which color pipe is used to identify nonpotable water distribution piping?

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A stack vent serving a 2 inch waste stack shall not be less than ___ inches in size.



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