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Practice Quiz | (R3) Residential Plans Examiner

This practice quiz is designed for those who are looking to take the 2018 or 2021 (R3) Residential Plans Examiner Certification Exam administered through the International Code Council (ICC). Feel free to use this quiz as a way to assess where you’re currently at. This free quiz contains 10 questions from our premium R3 Residential Plans Examiner Practice Exam.

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(R3) Residential Plans Examiner Practice Quiz

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Exterior walls of non-sprinklered dwellings having a fire separation distance of 5 feet shall have a minimum fire-resistance rating of ____ hours.

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The default opaque U-factor per code of a wood door shall be ___ when the product lacks a labeled U-factor.

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A level working space shall be provided to service an appliance with a minimum size no less than ___ inches deep and ___ inches wide in front of the control side of the appliance.

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The volumetric flow rate of gas provided to any appliance shall be adjusted for altitude when the installation is above ____ feet in elevation.

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Anchor bolt spacing for light wood frame townhouses over two stories in height and located in Seismic Design Category C shall not exceed ___ feet.

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A clearance of no less than ___ inches shall be provided in front of a water closet.

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Bathrooms shall have at least one wall receptacle outlet installed within ___ inches of the outside edge of a lavatory basin.

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What is the minimum required width and thickness of a concrete footing for a one-story dwelling structure built with light frame construction on a slab foundation in an area where the load-bearing value of the soil is 1,500 psf and where the roof live load is 20 psf?

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Emergency escape and rescue openings located at grade floor shall have a minimum clear opening area of not less than _____ square feet.

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Where Southern pine #2 roof rafters are attached to the ceiling joists spaced 16 inches on center carrying a dead load of 10 psf and a ground snow load of 50 psf, what is the maximum allowable span for a 2x8” member?



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