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Free Building Codes Online

The International Code Council (ICC) publishes a variety of model codes. These codes are available for purchase however did you know that they also offer free access to these codes online? I want to share with you a few links to the most common I-codes used.

However it is important to note that since these are model codes recognized in the United States and published by the International Code Council (ICC) each local jurisdiction is responsible to adopt a specific code and make amendments if necessary. Therefore is it important to check with your local jurisdiction to see what codes they have adopted so that you are searching through the correct code.

With that said the International Code Council (ICC) updates the code every three years, so here is a list of the most commonly used I-Codes within the last few code cycles. I have also provided a link to Amazon for each code book that is available for purchase or in case you were interested to see how much these code books cost.

International Building Code (IBC)

International Residential Code (IRC)

International Fire Code (IFC)

International Mechanical Code

International Plumbing Code

International Energy Conservation Code

Didn’t find a specific code listed? Click Here for a list of all the I-Codes available to be viewed online for free.

Looking for a state specific code like California, New York, or Florida? Click Here to see a map of each state and which codes are adopted at the state level. Again as mentioned before it is important to check with your local jurisdiction as to what codes are specifically adopted at the local level and what amendments are made by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).