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Practice Quiz | Residential Energy Inspector / Plans Examiner

This practice quiz is designed for those who are looking to take either the 2018 or 2021 Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner Certification Exam administered through the International Code Council (ICC). Feel free to use this quiz as a way to assess where you’re currently at. This free quiz contains 10 questions from our premium Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner Practice Exam.

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Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner Practice Quiz

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Cold-formed steel-framed walls within residential buildings, 16 inches on center, with R-13 + 8.9 insulation shall be equivalent to a wood frame wall having an R-value of which of the following?

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Each piece of building thermal envelope insulation must be identified with the R-value by the manufacturer when the insulation width is ____ inches or greater.

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An interior design temperature of a maximum ___ for heating and a minimum ____ for cooling shall be used in calculating the heating and cooling loads of a room.

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Windows shall have an air infiltration rate of no more than ___ cfm per square foot.

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Slab on grade floors shall be insulated per the building thermal envelope requirements when the floor surface is less than ___ inches below grade.

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A sunroom is a single story structure that is attached to a dwelling that has a glazing area that exceeds ___ % of the gross area of the structure’s exterior walls and roof.

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The thickness of blown-in roof/ceiling insulation must be written on markers installed throughout the attic for every _____ square feet.

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Sunrooms enclosing a conditioned space and with thermal isolation shall have a minimum ceiling R-value of ___ when located in Climate Zone 5.

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Which of the following building envelope alterations do NOT need to comply with the requirements for new construction provided the buildings energy use is not increased.

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What Climate Zone is Delaware located in?



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