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Studying for an ICC Exam?

Need some help? Our practice exams provide a fresh and modern approach that best mirrors ICC’s exam experience.

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About Our Exams

Our Practice Exams are offered on the Udemy platform to provide you with a fresh and modern approach that best mirrors ICC’s exam experience.

Unlike other practice exams out there, we provide lifetime access with unlimited retakes. You can access the exams via a computer or mobile device.

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Client Testimonials

Over 1,500 Total Reviews!

"It really serves its purpose of learning how to navigate in both the IFC and IBC books. After doing each practice test 3 times each and looking each question up even though I know the answer, its taught me to understand these monster size books. I believe I am ready for the final exam!"
Fire Inspector I Exam
"This was a good source for me to prepare for my exam. This exam was more in-line with the actual exam regarding material, number of questions, and timeframe. I used another exam prep course prior to this one that was almost triple the cost, and was very unsatisfied. I used this one and managed to PASS the actual exam on my first attempt. I'm very satisfied with this exam."
Residential Plumbing Inspector Exam
"It is very user-friendly and more like the real test and the best part is you can pause and come back and still have the time available as if you were taking a real test. That is huge because in this day and age you can’t always sit down for two hours at a time unless you’re taking the actual test."
Residential Plumbing Inspector Exam
"It was very helpful! The questions moved you all over the book which is what you need to get yourself familiarized with it! Thank you!"
Commercial Building Inspector Exam
"This is amazing! I feel just what I need to prepare for the REAL DEAL. This has been a great study tool 5 STARS!!!!! Thank you!"
Permit Technician Exam
"Good practice test. Most of the questions are spot on! I took the exam and passed. Good tool to help you navigate the book."
Residential Building Inspector Exam
"Very good questions! And it did help me pass the certification test."
CALGreen Inspector / Plans Examiner (CT) Exam
"Good practice. Affordable. About what I expected. Happy with it."
Residential Building Inspector Exam
"Felt like an actual ICC exam. Review tool is priceless."
Building Plans Examiner Exam
"No lie! Passed my icc mech inspector test right after my first practice test. mind you I got a 76 on my practice test. This was worth every penny to get you prepared for the official test."
Commercial Mechanical Inspector Exam
"Exactly as advertised. Great resource for getting to know the books, question format and what to expect on the test. Great resource."
Permit Technician Exam
"Definitely mirrored the ICC exam."
Commercial Building Inspector Exam

FAQs About Our Practice Exams

You can take these practice exams as many times as you want. There are unlimited retakes.

Unlike other practice exams out there, we provide lifetime access. You can access the exams via a computer or mobile device.

Each practice exam includes 2 full practice tests that are multiple-choice. The practice exam is based on the exam version you purchase. The code edition of the references you are using should reflect the code edition of the exam you are taking.

These practice exams are online practice exams intended to help you prepare for the actual exam by helping you navigate through the code book to familiarize yourself with the code sections.

This is not a course. There is no lecture and does not include any codebooks.

Practice exams do not provide any CEU credits for certification renewals. These practice exams are designed with the purpose of best mirroring ICC’s exam experience so that you can get a feel for the exam.

However, when you take the actual exam through ICC and pass, it can count for some CEU credits. For more information regarding this, please read ICC’s certification renewal bulletin on their website for more information.

Our practice exams are online practice exams that you can access from a computer or mobile device anytime. We do not offer a PDF copy. The purpose of the online exams is to provide you with a fresh and modern approach that best mirrors ICC’s exam experience. Unlike other practice exams out there, we provide lifetime access with unlimited retakes.

You will find the results to the questions at the end of the exam when you finish. It will provide you with a summary of all the questions that you got right and wrong. For all the questions, it will provide the section within the code book where the answer can be found. This is done this way to best simulate an actual exam by providing a timed practice exam with the results given at the end.

Udemy handles all transactions, payments, and refunds.

You may request a receipt by following the steps at the link below:

We understand, sometimes people change their mind. We offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

You may request a refund by following the steps at the link below:

Unfortunately there is no “Secret” to passing the ICC exams. But I will share with you a tip.

The key to passing the exam is being comfortable with navigating through the code book(s) you are being tested on. Highlighting and tabing the code book can help a lot. Then go through the table of contents and index to get familiar with where certain topics are located. Remember you don’t need to memorize, you just have to know where to find the answer. Although memorizing general key sections might be helpful to save time, but always check back with the code book if you have enough time left.

Like with many things if you allow enough time going through the book to familiarize yourself with each section, you will eventually pass. Don’t get discouraged, you can do this with enough dedication. It just takes time and commitment. And when you do pass, it will feel even more rewarding.

Good Luck!


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