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What is an ICC Certification & How to Get ICC Certified

The ICC, also know as the International Code Council, is a non-profit organization that develops a single set of national model construction codes known as the I-Codes. These model codes are widely used throughout most of the United States as well as some international usage.

The organization is dedicated to developing model codes and standards that are used in the design, building, and compliance process of structures to ensure they are constructed safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient.

I-Codes include a set of comprehensive code books related to building safety, fire prevention, and many other trades related to the building industry.

And did you know this organization offers professional certifications that you can obtain, also known as “ICC Certifications”.

What is an ICC Certification?

The ICC offers professional certification exams that you can take to become certified as code inspectors, plan reviewers, administration personnel, etc…

Here is a list of just some of the certified designations they offer. This is just a small list to give you an idea, they have much more!

These ICC Certification exams provide you with the opportunity of getting professional recognition. Also by being certified you are able to demonstrate your knowledge of the various construction codes and standards.

When searching for a job you will find that many building departments require ICC certifications for employment. Even a career advancement might require additional certifications if you wish to venture into a different trade or job classification. These certifications can also be of value in the private sector when working with third party code consultants. A home inspector can also greatly benefit from obtaining these certifications.

Being certified displays as significant amount of accomplishment that can offer multiple benefits such as:

  • Potential Increase in Salary
  • Opportunities in Career Advancement
  • Professional Recognition
  • Validating your Technical Expertise
  • Being Marketable in your Job Search

Yes you too can be an ICC Certified Professional!

How to obtain an ICC Certification?

Obtaining an ICC Certification requires you to take and pass an exam within a specific trade. For example to become a Residential Building Inspector one must take and pass the B1 Residential Building Inspector Exam. If someone wants to become a Commercial Building Inspector they must take and pass the B2 Commercial Building Inspector Exam.

No work experience is required to take the exam and you must be at least 18 years of age.

The International Code Council (ICC) allows you to take the exam via CBT (Computer-Based Training) or through PRONTO (depending on what exam edition you take). The CBT option is taken at an approved test center. If you take the 2015 version of the exam, you have both options available to you. If you take the 2018 version of the exam, you are only allowed to use the PRONTO system.

PRONTO is a new way of taking your testing exam from the comfort of your home or office. PRONTO stands for Proctored Remote Online Testing Option. For more information about the PRONTO online testing option, click here.

ICC Combo Certifications

The International Code Council also has many combo exam designations. For example if a person takes and passes both the B1 Residential Building Inspector Exam and the B2 Commercial Building Inspector Exam, they can automatically be granted the B5 Building Inspector Designation. That way you can call yourself a Building Inspector without having to specify for which type of building. There are also many other types of designations for combination inspectors.

For more information about the different types of Combination Designations offered by ICC, click here.

How do I prepare for my ICC Certification Exam?

You will find many ICC Exam Prep materials out there to choose from but what I have found to be the most helpful is taking practice exams.

This way you can test your knowledge of how well you know the code while getting a feel for the exam.

1. ICC Certification Practice Tests

Here at Building Code Trainer we offer practice exams that are designed for those looking to take an ICC Certification Exam. These practice exams are intended to help you prepare for the actual exam by helping you navigate through the code book to familiarize yourself with the specific code sections. They will test your knowledge on the exam content areas covered to improve your chances of passing the certification exam.

If you are interested in our practice exams, be sure to check out our Library of Practice Exams by clicking HERE.

Our practice exams are a great way to prepare yourself for the actual exam administered by ICC. Every building code professional knows that the key to passing the ICC exams is to do practice problems. Don’t just take the exam purely on experience alone. Let this resource get you focused on realistic problems built around the exam content being covered.

2. ICC Exam Tips

The key is to not memorize the questions but to know where in the code to find the answer. All exam candidates should be comfortable with navigating through the code book. A good tip is to familiarize yourself with the Table of Contents and the Index. During the actual exam, these will be your best friend.

You can go through our practice exams as many times as you need to better help you prepare for the actual exam administered through ICC. Based on your results, you go back and review the code sections covered within the exam content.

Again the key is to be comfortable with navigating through the code book to the specific code section you are being tested on to find the correct answer. Remember, the more practice you have the more you will get familiar with the code and where the information you are looking for can be found. The more work and effort you put into knowing where things are laid out in the code book, the more you will begin to understand it.

3. Free ICC Certification Quiz

Not sure if you want to purchase just yet?

No worries we understand! If you want to get a feel for the types of questions asked, try out out free quiz section by clicking HERE.

Feel free to use these quizzes as a way to assess your level of comfort with the exam questions. These free quizzes contain 10 questions from our premium full length Practice Exams.

Then if you find any of the quizzes helpful, please be sure to checkout our premium full length Practice Exams by clicking HERE.

How long does it take to get ICC Certified?

When you finish taking the exam you will receive a pass or fail letter the same day right after your exam. This way you instantly know if you passed or not, no need to wait.

And when you pass you will be given a certification number assigned to you so that if someone were to search for a certified professionals within the ICC website, your name will come up! In addition to being Certified you will also receive a wall certification.

How long are ICC Certifications good for?

Once you pass an ICC exam, the certification is valid for 3 years. With building codes constantly being updated, renewing your certification allows you to stay up to date with all the changes happening to the code.

Certification must be renewed before they expire. In order to renew your certification, you must first gain the required amount of CEU’s and then pay a renewal fee based on how many certifications you are renewing.

If you are not aware, CEU stands for Continuing Education Units. You can gain these for example by attending seminars or taking professional development courses. You can accrue these CEU’s within the 3 year period and when you are ready to renew you submit the required number of CEU’s and pay the renewal fee.

For more information regarding the fees and the certification renewal process, be sure to check out ICC’s Certification Renewal Bulletin by clicking HERE.

So if your ready to start your journey of becoming an ICC Certified Professional, be sure to take advantage of our Practice Exams by clicking HERE or if you want to learn more about the exams and what content areas they cover, be sure to check out our exam resources by clicking HERE.

Once again thank you for taking the time in reading this and I hope it has offered you with enough value you were seeking. I wish you all the best on your road to becoming an ICC Certified Professional!