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The Benefits of Building a Detached Garage

Today, newer homes are often built with attached garages. While it’s a great feature to have, you may have completely overlooked the benefits of detached garages.

While they may not be as popular as they once were, the detached garage still offers a lot. Keep reading to learn about some of the top benefits of adding a detached garage to your property.


Depending on your lifestyle, this could be a pro or a con of a detached garage.

If you are constantly working on projects, using welders and saws, or doing something else that creates a lot of noise, having a little separation from your main house is beneficial.

With this, you can work on anything, at any time, day or night, without worrying about making too much noise for those in the living area.

Also, if you have a detached garage added by NC Builders, you don’t have to use it as a traditional garage. It can be transformed into a home office, garden suite, laneway home, and so much more.

With an attached garage, this just isn’t an option.

Better Look and More Design Options

With a detached garage, you can reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the impact of having your home façade dominated by this structure. Also called “garage forward,” this is an issue in many suburban settings.

If you have a smaller house, adding an attached garage may overwhelm the structure. In this case, the detached garage will be a more aesthetically pleasing addition.

With a detached garage, you can have it built at any angle to your house. You can also choose to have it set back away from the house or hidden in your backyard.

Another option is having the garage look like a small cottage or house. None of this is possible with an attached garage.

It’s much easier to add a living area over a detached garage than an attached one, too. This is especially the case if you have a new detached garage constructed.

In this case, your garage isn’t limited by your main house’s size and design elements.

More Customization Options

With a detached garage, you can customize it based on your specific wants and needs. If you choose an attached structure, everything you do needs to coordinate with the main house.

Building a garage from the ground up, separate from your house, will give you almost unlimited design options.

Now you can create a look that you want and like, rather than one that coordinates with the façade of your home.

It’s Safer

You may wonder how detached garages are safer.

If you are like most people, you probably store some potentially dangerous items in there. This includes things like garden chemicals, paint, and propane tanks.

The fumes created by these can cause serious harm if they are inhaled.

When you choose a detached garage, you don’t have to worry about these potentially dangerous fumes getting into your house.

Also, the fumes created by your vehicle’s exhaust won’t be able to get in your home. Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer for a reason. It is dangerous when inhaled for long periods of time.

In many cases, this is a problem for those who live in colder climates who remote start their cars to get warm in the morning.

If you have a detached garage, you don’t have to worry if you opened the garage door or not.

A Breath of Fresh Air

For those who live in a moderate climate, you may enjoy walking through a landscaped path from your vehicle to your home.

Also, if you want certification for eco-friendly building practices, you can receive green points for the detached garage, thanks to the separation.

Free-Up Space

With a detached garage, you have more space to work with on your property if you plan to build a deck or patio.

By building the garage away from your home, you can create a usable area that is not present with attached garages.

Reduce Noise

As mentioned above, if you have plans to work in your garage, having a detached structure is recommended. You will likely be making a lot of noise in the garage when making car repairs, doing home improvement tasks, or anything else.

If you have an attached garage, you may cause a lot of commotion that people inside can hear.

With a detached structure, you don’t have to worry about this at all.

Potential Downsides to a Detached Garage

While there are more than a few benefits offered by adding a detached garage to your property, there are some possible downsides, too.

For example, to get to a detached garage, you must walk outside. If it is raining or if other bad weather is in the area, this can be problematic. You will also have to carry groceries or unload things from further away.

While these probably are not deal breakers, it is worth mentioning them.

Is a Detached Garage Right for You?

Are you thinking about installing a detached garage on your property? If so, there are more than a few benefits offered.

Be sure to keep this in mind to determine if this option is right for you.

Are you looking for more tips and resources to help with your home design and planning? If so, take some time to check out some of the other blogs on our site. We post regularly to help ensure our readers remain informed.