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Types of Inspections Required by Code

Ever pulled a permit for a project and wondered what inspections where required?

Many people have this question and it can greatly vary depending on what type of project you are working on and the jurisdiction in charge.

Keep in mind that there are inspections required by your jurisdiction that the local city building inspector comes by to inspect and there are other inspections that the code talks about such as special inspections, deputy inspections, etc…, that are done by other third party consultants that your local building inspector will ask to see if you have done so through a report. These vary by project.

However for now lets layout the inspections required by code that your local jurisdiction would typically inspect.

1. Footing and Foundation inspections

2. Concrete slab and under-floor inspections

3. Floodplain inspections, if determined by code that your building in located in a flood hazard area

4. Plumbing, mechanical, gas and electrical system inspections

5. Framing and masonry inspections

6. Lath, gypsum board and gypsum panel product inspections

7. Fire-resistance-rated construction inspections & fire/smoke-resistant penetrations

8. Energy efficiency inspections

9. Special inspections

10. Final inspections

11. Other inspections deemed necessary by the Building Official to show compliance with the provisions of the code and other laws enforced by the local building and safety department.

You can find a detailed description of each inspection in Section 110 of the International Building Code or Section R109 of the International Residential Code.