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5 Roof Styles for Homes That Are Sturdy and Affordable

Did you know that over 1 million homes are built in the US every year? In a country with so many different climates and weather patterns, there is no one size fits all approach to homebuilding. But did you know just how many designs there are?

The roof is the crucial part of any home design, the only barrier between you and the elements above. Read on as we discuss the most popular roof styles for homes. 


The gable is an extremely popular type of roof design. It has a number of variations but is characterized by its triangular shape. Open, cross and dutch gables are all minor adjustments.

The pros of a gable roof are that they easily shed water and snow due to their shape. They are cheap and easy to build, In addition, they leave a roof cavity for an attic that allows ventilation.

The downsides are that high winds can cause materials to peel or blow off gable roofing. Frames need to be very sturdy and adequately constructed, or they can be removed if in hurricane and high wind areas. 


A hipped roof is similar to a gable, but with a sloping surface on all four sides. They are often of equal length and form a ridge at the top. This makes them much more stable than a gable roof. 

This solid construction makes them much more suited to areas that have high winds and extreme weather conditions. They are strong enough to protect against wind but have the slope to let snow and water fall off. 


A mansard roof is often known as a French roof. They are four-sided roof installations, and each side slopes at a steeper angle to form a lower pitch. These sides can either be curved or straight. 

This shape gives a lot more living space, and the extra atttic space is often known as a garret. They are popular because you can easily add this additional space at a later date. 

They do cost more than many other types of roofs. Because of their design, they are also not ideal for climates with heavy snowfall. 


A gambrel looks very similar to a mansard roof. However, from an architecture standpoint, the only difference is that a gambrel has two sides where a mansard has four. 

Its good points are that it provides a tall ceiling for extra living space, though with only two roof beams it makes it cheaper to install than a mansard. However, this also means they are not as robustly constructed. 


A sloped roof is also known as a shed roof or skillion. It is a modern type of roof design, that has one sloped panel. If you are considering commercial vs residential roofing, then this is often used for both types of buildings. 

Roof Styles for Homes

There are even more roof styles for homes. Each needs its pros and cons weighed up depending on the area it is in, and your requirements. If you are building a home, speak with an architect or builder for advice. 

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