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Practice Quiz | (B3) Building Plans Examiner

This practice quiz is designed for those who are looking to take the 2018 or 2021 (B3) Building Plans Examiner Certification Exam administered through the International Code Council (ICC). Feel free to use this quiz as a way to assess where you’re currently at. This free quiz contains 10 questions from our premium B3 Building Plans Examiner Practice Exam.

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(B3) Building Plans Examiner Practice Quiz

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Incidental uses within a building shall be limited to ___ percent of the building area of the story in which they are located.

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A building that has an occupied floor located more than ___ feet above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access shall be defined as a High-Rise Building.

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Fire walls used to separate Group A occupancies within a building of Type V construction shall have a fire-resistance rating of ____ hour(s).

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A building used for assembly can be classified as a Group B occupancy when the occupant load is less than ___ persons.

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What is the maximum number of stories allowed for a Library building of Type VA construction equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system.

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A stairway used as a means of egress shall have a capacity of _____ inches in width when serving an occupant load of 200.

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What is the maximum allowable span for a 2-2 x 10 header within an exterior bearing wall of conventional light-frame construction supporting a roof and ceiling only having a building width of 24 feet with a ground snow load of 30 psf?

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Glazing located in a wall facing a shower enclosure is considered to be in a hazardous location when the bottom edge of the glazing is less than ___ inches above the standing surface.

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A retail building classified as a Group M occupancy shall not have the area of the building be limited in size when the building is no more than ____ stories in height above grade plane, fully equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system, and surrounded by yards no less than ___ feet in width.

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A fire door shall be rated for a minimum of ___ minutes when located within a 3 hour exterior wall assembly.



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