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5 Things You Need To Know About Solar Energy Installations

12.3 million homes in the United States are already using solar power. Solar power can help reduce your energy bill and increase your future home value. Homes and businesses with solar panels will only get more appealing as time goes on.

If you’re ready to bring your home or business into the future, solar energy installations are the perfect way to go. Here are 5 important things to know to install the perfect solar panels.

1. Different Types of Panels

There are three main types of solar panels to choose from.

Monocrystalline panels are made from one silicon crystal. These are high-efficiency panels that can absorb some of the highest levels of sunlight.

Polycrystalline panels are made of many smaller silicon fragments that collect energy together. These are great if you’re working with a lower price point but still want high levels of absorption.

Thin-Film panels have some of the lowest efficiency. They are layers of material that produce electricity when sunlight hits them. However, they are lightweight and flexible for any rooftop.

2. How Solar Panels Work

You might be thinking: I live in a cloudier area, how will I get enough sunlight? Luckily, solar panels don’t require direct sunlight to function.

Of course, the more sunlight, the more the panels will absorb. If it’s cloudier outside, your panels will still absorb light. You can also purchase a backup battery to store extra energy absorbed on sunny days.

3. The Cost Factor

If you want to save with solar, the first step is picking a great installation company. A solar panel installation company will give you a custom quote and find the perfect solar panel for your home or business.

Installing solar panels can be expensive, but they pay for themselves. You will have a lower electricity bill. You can also get aid to help pay for the panels.

The savings go beyond just your occupation in the home. If you add solar panels to your home, it can increase the value. You can walk away from your home sale with more money in your pocket.

4. How to Take Care of Your Panels

The thought of taking care of solar panels can be intimidating. One of the best things about solar energy installations is that solar panels require almost no maintenance at all.

All you have to do is make sure the panels are clean and uncovered. Many panels will have a 25-year warranty as well.

5. Equipment Needs

You need more than just the panels to make solar energy work. The first thing you need is an electricity inverter unit to convert solar rays into power for your home. Some solar panels have inverters included in them already.

The next important piece you’ll have to add is a battery cell unit that will store extra energy for darker days.

Invest in Solar Energy Installations Today

Solar Energy Installations are one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to improve the quality of your home or business. These panels can help make your home more energy-efficient.

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